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What are the uses of fiberglass cloth?

What are the uses of fiberglass cloth?


1. The fiberglass cloth is used between the low temperature of minus 196°C and the high temperature of 300°C and has strong weather resistance.

2. Fiberglass cloth is non-sticky and not easy to adhere to any substance.

3. Fiberglass cloth is resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia, and various organic solvents, and can withstand the action of drugs.

4. Fiberglass cloth has a low friction coefficient and is a good choice for oil-free self-lubrication.

5. The light transmittance of fiberglass cloth reaches 6~13%.

6. Fiberglass cloth has high insulation performance, anti-ultraviolet and anti-static.

7. Fiberglass cloth has high strength and good mechanical properties.

8. Chemical resistance of fiberglass cloth.

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