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Do you know the production process of fiberglass ?

Do you know the production process of fiberglass ?


The  fiberglass production process is divided into pool kiln drawing method and glass ball crucible drawing method.

The birth of the kiln drawing process is a leap in  fiberglass  manufacturing technology. In this process, various raw materials are melted in the kiln, and then directly sent to the special bushing plate through the channel, and the glass fiber precursor is drawn. The glass has a reasonable and strict temperature control system in the melting part and passage. A kiln can pass through several channels for simultaneous production of hundreds of bushings. Obviously, this method has a reasonable production temperature system, saves energy consumption, stabilizes the production process, improves product output and quality, and quickly realizes large-scale production on the pool kiln wire drawing process line. And soon implemented the most advanced fully automatic control technology, greatly improving labor productivity. Therefore, the pool kiln wire drawing process has become the mainstream technology commonly used in the world today.

The crucible wire drawing method is also called the two-step process, that is, the glass batch material is first melted to make glass balls, then the glass balls are put into the crucible and heated to melt, and then drawn into  fiberglass  strands with a certain diameter. This method has many production processes, and because of the secondary heating and melting of glass balls, it brings many disadvantages to production, such as high energy consumption, unstable molding process, low product output and quality, and low labor productivity, which makes the production scale and automation level restricted. Therefore, except for a small amount of special component  fiberglass , this method is still used abroad, and it has basically been eliminated.

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