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Polyester mat is a kind of polyester nonwoven felt, manufactured with staple / spun bond technology, capable of bituminous membrane reinforcement carrier. Non-woven polyester mat is the reinforce laymer used foe SBS/APP. It is an ideal material for bitumen waterproof membrane. It include long fiber polyester mat and short fiber polyester felt. Our polyester mat is available in numerous weight and width, we can also manufacture and design as your requirement.

Long duration / High flexibility / Good elongation at break / Easy impregnation / High resistance to stress/strain cycles/Resistance to high temperature and freezing, anti-aging and corrosion resistance

Compared with short fiber polyester mat , the long fiber polyester mat has : 

1. Stronger tensile strength and elongation.

2. Stronger thermal stability and tear resistance.

3. Strong resistance to puncture capacity impregnation.

4. Stronger resistance to corrosion and aging resistance.

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