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How to use fiberglass cloth?

How to use fiberglass cloth?


1. Fiberglass cloth is mostly used in the hand lay-up process. Fiberglass cloth is mainly used in hulls, storage tanks, cooling towers, ships, vehicles, tanks, etc.

2. Fiberglass cloth is widely used in wall reinforcement, external wall insulation, roof waterproofing, etc. It can also be used to strengthen cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, mosaic, and other wall materials. It is an ideal engineering material for the construction industry.

3. Fiberglass cloth is usually used as a reinforcing material in the national economic fields such as composite materials, electrical insulation materials, and heat insulation materials, circuit boards, etc.

4. Fiberglass cloth is mainly used in the industry for heat insulation, fire prevention, and flame retardant. When the material is burned by a flame, it absorbs a large amount of heat and can prevent the flame from passing through and isolating the air.

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