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The difference between fiberglass mat and fiber cloth

The difference between fiberglass mat and fiber cloth


Fiberglass  mat, generally divided into surface mat, continuous mat and chopped strand mat

Surface felt, generally to improve the surface effect and reduce the influence of cloth pattern on the surface, is formed by spraying fiber precursors;

The difference between continuous mat and chopped strand mat, as the name suggests, is the way of forming is to use short fiber filaments or continuous filaments.

Continuous felt is generally used as a diversion material, and chopped strand felt is used a little in hand lay-up process to increase interlayer force, but it is less used.

To correct it again, felt is made by bonding fiber tows with glue, and in this sense it contains resin.

The felt is made of irregular and chaotic end-cut glass fibers, right?

Cloth is a regular weave, like clothing.

Fiber cloth, according to the weaving method: commonly used are UD uniaxial (0°), biax biaxial (+45°/-45°), triax triaxial (+45°/0°/-45°), square grid Cloth (0°/90°) now also has three-dimensional fiber cloth, but it is still in the experimental stage and has not been used in the market.

Fiber cloth is usually woven out of warp and weft, and felt is disordered.

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