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Fiberglass chopped strand mat can be divided into emulsion and powder

Fiberglass chopped strand mat can be divided into emulsion and powder


Fiberglass powder mat is combined with polyester binder and has good wettability. Fiberglass emulsion mat is combined with emulsion binder, and its surface smoothness is much higher than that of glass fiber powder mat. Fiberglass chopped strand mat powder and emulsion have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for various environments. The powder-type fiberglass mat is fluffy and soft, has good resin wettability, and is easy to operate at corners. It is especially suitable for winter and other environments that affect the speed of resin wetting. Emulsion type fiberglass mat, the latex content is much higher than the powder type, the surface is smooth, the molding performance is particularly good, and the glass strands will not fall off. Fiberglass chopped strand mat is suitable for the production of hand lay-up or compression molding FRP products. Widely used in various products such as automobiles, ship hulls, sanitary ware, electrical insulators, anti-corrosion, and pipelines. Bohao Composite Materials provides a one-stop integrated procurement service, and launched Jushi fiberglass emulsion felt/powder felt. The product has uniform weight, neat cut surface, high quality and no defects.

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