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The difference between fiberglass and fibercarbon

The difference between fiberglass and fibercarbon


The difference in material rigidity

The rigidity mentioned in fiber construction materials refers to the ability of the material or structure to resist elastic deformation when it is stressed.Fiberglass has weaker rigidity than carbon fiber. Glass fiber materials are more suitable for areas with lower rigidity requirements in some engineering fields Be applicable.

The difference in material strength

Compared with fiberglass , carbon fiber engineering materials have more obvious advantages in tensile strength. The tensile strength range of carbon fiber is usually 1000MPa~3500MPa, and the tensile strength of glass fiber is 1000MPa~2800MPa. From the two sets of data, it can be seen that the upper limit of carbon fiber materials is relatively high.

Differences in material properties

The so-called material performance refers to the difference between materials in high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and impact resistance. In terms of high temperature resistance, fiberglass engineering materials are stronger than carbon fiber materials; in terms of acid and alkali resistance, the performance of the two fiber construction materials is roughly the same; in terms of impact resistance, carbon fiber is slightly better.

Difference in service life

In the normal natural construction environment, the life of fiberglass materials is lower than that of carbon fiber materials. Exceptions are made for special construction environments.

Cost-effective difference

In terms of material price, the price of fiberglass material is lower than that of carbon fiber.

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