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Fabrication Process of Fiberglass Sewing Mat

Fabrication Process of Fiberglass Sewing Mat


Fiberglass Seam Felt

The production of fiberglass seam mat needs to divide the fiberglass strands evenly, and then put the divided fiberglass seam strands evenly into the chopping machine, and use the machine to cut the fiberglass strands into 50mm lengths, and then Put the cut fiberglass short filaments into the settling chamber, use the suction force to make them evenly distributed, and fall to the conveyor belt.

After laying the glass strands evenly on the conveying net, it is necessary to add powder binder and emulsion binder to the short strands, and then heat and dehumidify and dry in an oven so that the fibers and binders are thoroughly combined, and then the finished The fiberglass seam mat is sent out of the drying room, and it is processed by roller cold pressing to make it further shaped and ensure that the mat reaches the designed tensile strength.

After the fiberglass hemming mat is pressed and formed, it is also necessary to cut off the feathers on both sides of the fiber mat. When the glass fiber hemming mat is cut to the set length, the equipment will alarm to remind the mat to be cut transversely. After the fiber seam felt is cut, it needs to be tested, and after the test is passed, it can be packaged.

To sum up, the editor summarizes the production process of fiberglass hemming mat for everyone. I believe that everyone will have a certain understanding of fiberglass hemming mat after reading it.

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