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How about 4 fiberglass tape after-sales service?
We provide high-quality 4 fiberglass tape together with a wide range of after-sales services, including installation service, return/replacement, maintenance service. For the installation support, in addition to the installation instruction manual, we also provide a demonstration video which you can watch on our website. And to ensure the long-term performance, besides the high quality of products itself, the proper maintenance is essential. If you do not know how to effectively maintain the products, contact us and we can offer professional guidance. And for any quality problem of products, we offer return/replacement service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support.
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With many years of experience , Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. is one of the best reliable source for fiberglass filter material manufacturing needs. EFG Fiberglass Materialsis mainly engaged in the business of fiberglass composite and other product series. This product achieves great softness. The chemical softener is used to absorb on the surface of fibers, making the surface become smooth meanwhile enhancing the force between fibers. The product has an improved tensile strength. It can be provided with required print and size as we have the skills and experience. It can be customized to be of different length and specifications.
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EFG Fiberglass Materialshas been dedicated to supplying the exquisite service for customers. Inquire!

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