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Fiberglass Coated Tissue Mat for Gypsum

Fiberglass Coated Tissue Mat for Gypsum
Roll Packaging: PE plastic film Pallet Packaging: Pallets should NOT be stacked in more than 2 layers.
Fiberglass coated facing tissue will be loaded into a container at the factory, then delivered to the sea port, and shipped to the customer's port by reputable shipping companies.
Accepted payment methods include LC, T/T, CAD, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

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Coated tissue for Gypsum sheathing


Our company specializes in developing fiberglass coated facing tissue for the house decoration market. This specially coated tissue, infused with calcium powder, is ideal for use in gypsum boards, thermal insulation boards, and both internal and external wall decorations. The resulting gypsum and insulation boards offer numerous advantages, including fire resistance, waterproofing, high strength, UV protection, resistance to septic conditions, and prevention of wrinkles. When used in conjunction with building walls, these boards create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly structures.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as internal and external walls, elevator shafts, fire passages, and various public and residential spaces.Developed for use in commercial and residential applications under a broad range of exterior veneers including brick, stone, metal, wood and vinyl as well as EIFS and curtainwall systems. This kind of gypsum also adds structural strength, fire resistance and a warranty for up to 12 months of exposure in normal weather conditions. It is avaiable in 1/2” and 5/8” thicknesses, a 48’ width and lengths of 8’,9’,10’, and 12’. Plus, it’s lighter and easier to handle than other glass –faced gypsum sheathing.

Coated tissue for gypsum sheathing provides the mold and moisture resistance to both protec- tect your next project from the elements and provide the high recycled content to contribute to LEED pointes as well. 


Fiber Uniformly Dispersed


Smooth Surface, Less Wool Yarn


Easy to Coating a Variety of Paints


High strength and Anti-wrinkle


Advantage of Sound-proof, Flame Retardant, Antiseptic, etc

Technical support

If customer meets any problem about technic, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD will supply relative knowledge to help customer find the best solution, and can send technician to customer’s factory for guiding if necessary.

Technical Data

Product CodeUnit Weight(g/m2LOI (%)MD Tensile Strength (N/50mm)CD Tensile Strength (N/50mm) Wet Tensile Retention MD (%)Moisture Content (%)
F-TM4040≤25≥130≥55≥60≤ 1.0
F-TM5050≤25≥150≥70≥60≤ 1.0
F-TM100100≤25≥450≥250≥60≤ 1.0
Testing BasisISO3374ISO 1887ISO3342@25℃/10minISO 3344
Paper core diameter: 152/305mm


Our services


Nanjing EFG CO., LTD. has delivered fibreglass mat to USA, EU, Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, Asian customers with ensured quality and rich experience for export deliveiry.   

Nanjing EFG CO., LTD welcomes cooperation all of the world.

After sales service

Nanjing EFG CO., LTD tracks cargo of every shipment till customer uses the fibreglass mat, and offer any help for customer’s demand in any time.


This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated and rainproof place, with temperatures from 5℃to 35℃ and humidity between 35% and 65%. It is recommended to be kept in intact package when not used to avoid damp.

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