Nanjing Efg Co., Ltd. Has specialized in Fiberglass Materials Supplies Since 2003.

What properties are needed in fiberglass tissue raw materials?
A finest-quality fiberglass tissue can not be produced without carefully-chosen raw materials. Different raw materials determine different properties. Varied materials are used for the creation of varied types. Due to distinct performance demanded, diverse raw materials are also required. A great and unique raw materials selection also determines an excellent and unique product.
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Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd.excels in incorporating the design, fabrication, sales and support of paving mat. The fiberglass composite is one of the main products of EFG Fiberglass Materials. It features diverse and flexible attributes. It may produce a variety of atmosphere for various occasions, such as banquets, company exhibitions, and so forth. Made of high-quality materials, it has a high elastic modulus. The product allows people to modify their appearance and makes them look more clean and fresh up at the same time. It has the ability to resist acid, alkali and other media.
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Environmental sustainability is the ultimate goal for us. We will adopt preventive measures to eliminate or reduce pollution at the source whenever feasible.

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