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What are the uses of fiberglass powder?

What are the uses of fiberglass powder?


Regarding  fiberglass powder, I have introduced a lot of relevant knowledge about it before, and I have also said about its uses. After learning about it, many users think that the product can only be used in the uses introduced by the editor, in order to help everyone use it better in the future. Today, I would like to introduce to you a summary of the uses of  fiberglass  powder.

1. For the sound insulation of the inner core of the muffler of automobiles and motorcycles and the noise reduction of the engine;

2.  fiberglass  powder can be used as thermal insulation for colored steel plates and sandwich layers of wooden structures;

3. Thermal and chemical pipeline insulation, the thermal insulation effect is better than that of general thermal insulation materials;

4.  fiberglass  powder can be used as heat insulation for electrical wall panels in household industries such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and dishwashers;

5. Other occasions that require heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, and insulation;

6. The working temperature should be less than 260°C;

7. Used for heat preservation of various heat sources (coal, electricity, oil, gas) high-temperature equipment and central air-conditioning pipelines;

8. Used in various heat insulation and fireproof materials;

9. Glass fiber powder can be used for sealing, sound-absorbing, filtering and insulating materials in special places;

10. Used for heat preservation of various heat transfer and heat storage devices;

11. It is used for sound insulation, heat insulation and heat resistance of vehicles, ships, aircrafts and other parts.

The above content is a summary of the uses of glass fiber powder. Due to its good properties, it has a wide range of uses. It can also be used according to product characteristics when used.

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