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What are the uses of fiberglass in industrial applications?

What are the uses of fiberglass in industrial applications?


Fiberglass in industrial applications is a lightweight, strong but brittle material. One of the best things about fiberglass is that it can be molded into various complex shapes. Fiberglass is used as much as possible in bathrooms, boats, aircraft, materials and other industrial applications.

In this article we'll look at several forms of fiberglass, along with their qualities and applications. let's start!

Forms and Types of Fiberglass:

Glass fibers in industrial applications can be divided into the following broad categories according to the raw materials used and their proportions in the manufacturing process:

A-glass: Often called alkali glass, it is a kind of glass that is resistant to chemical corrosion. The composition of fiberglass is similar to window glass. It is used in the manufacture of process equipment in several locations around the world.

C-glass: commonly known as chemical glass, is a glass with high chemical resistance.

Alkali-free glass: commonly known as electrical glass, is an excellent electrical insulator.

AE glass: Alkali-resistant glass is referred to as AE glass.

S Glass: Commonly called structural glass, is a type of glass known for its mechanical properties.

Fiberglass in industrial applications is available in a variety of shapes to suit a variety of uses, the most common of which are:

Fiberglass Tape: Made of fiberglass yarn, fiberglass tape is known for its thermal insulating properties. This type of fiberglass is often used to wrap containers, heat pipes, and other similar items.

Fiberglass Cloth: Smooth and available in a wide variety, including fiberglass yarn and filament yarn. It is commonly used as heat shields, fire curtains and other applications.

Fiberglass Rope: Fiberglass yarn is woven into rope for packaging.

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