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The history of fiberglass skis

The history of fiberglass skis


According to the records of the International Ski History Association (ISHA), the world's first alpine ski made of fiberglass composite materials was invented by engineers Fred Langendorf and Art Molnar. It was born in Montreal, Canada, and registered under the trademark name of Toni Sailer.Three years later, Bill and Don Kirschner founded K2 Sports and began producing their own brand of fiberglass composite skis. In 1967, Art Molnar joined the K2 movement and developed fiberglass composite skis with a foam core. By 1968, fiberglass composites had replaced wood and aluminum as the most commonly used ski material for recreational skiing. In 1970, fiberglass composite materials entered the field of cross-country skiing.In the 1970s, the ski industry optimized and improved the design of composite materials. The use of fiberglass prepreg can improve production efficiency, but is very expensive. S-Class fiberglass replaces E-Class fiberglass with the material used in the wet lamination process. At the same time, a small amount of kevlar aramid, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber and other high-strength materials are mixed into the fiberglass to improve the overall strength, elasticity, impact resistance, etc.Biri is the oldest existing Nordic ski brand. It was founded by the Norwegian company Madison and was acquired by K2 Sports in 1988. Madus has been designing Nordic skis since 1906 and began producing fiberglass composite skis in 1974. In 1979, Madush introduced the twin torque box design concept, setting the design standard for most snowboards in the world.

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