Nanjing Efg Co., Ltd. Has specialized in Fiberglass Materials Supplies Since 2003.

Is EFG fiberglass chopped strands repurchase rate high?
The clients to fiberglass chopped strands under Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd.are all those having established long-run cooperation with us. We fulfill every customer order flawlessly. Convenience is offered by us to repeat clients.
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EFG Fiberglass Materials is an established Chinese company, specializing in development and manufacturing of fiberglass composite materials. Since its establishment, we have been active in the market. The paving mat is one of the main products of EFG Fiberglass Materials. This product has functional safety. Possible failures or faults which could lead to a hazard are analyzed in detail in the manufacture, hence they are eliminated or reduced in use. Being resistant to harsh environments, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. One of the biggest points of this product is that it reduces the weight of the food by heavily removing the water content, which enables the food to be transported or stored only taking up a small space. The product is resistant to cracking, ageing, and rotting.
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We will anchor environmental considerations into our business planning and decisionmaking processes. We aim for minimum impact on air, water, and soil, hence we will adhere to the strictest regulations on wastes management.

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