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Fiberglass Chopped strands

Fiberglass Chopped strands


Short -cut fiber -free fiberglass 

The short -sized fiberglass short -cut origin is made of a special infiltrating agent pulling, which is processed by short -cut process. It is mainly used to enhance thermoplastic plastic. Widely used in areas such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, construction, electronic applications, electronic appliances, and mechanical applications.

Skin -resistant fiberglass short cut gauze

The main products of the short -slicing of alkaline -resistant fiberglass -slicing originals are enhanced cement with short cut -cut and BMC short -cut slices and SMS materials

Alkaline -resistant fiberglass is used to enhance cement in buildings, and short -cut gauze is mixed in cement slurry, which plays the effect of decoration, insulation, and sound insulation on the building wall.

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