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Bioactive glass, high-strength fiber

Bioactive glass, high-strength fiber


Arctic Biomaterials Oy (Tampere, Finland), founded in 2014, has developed a degradable fiberglass made of so-called bioactive glass, which was developed in the 1960s, says Ari Rosling, R&D Director of ABM Composite. A special formula that allows glass to degrade under physiological conditions. When entering the body, glass breaks down into its component mineral salts, releasing sodium, magnesium, phosphates, etc., thereby creating conditions that stimulate bone growth."

"Its properties are similar to E-glass," Rosling said. "But this bioactive glass is difficult to manufacture and draw into fibers. Previously, it was only used as a powder or putty. As far as we know , ABM Composite was the first company to use it on an industrial level to make high-strength fiberglass, and now we use these ArcBiox X4/5 fiberglass to reinforce different types of plastics, including biodegradable polymers.”

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