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Why are the Olympics inseparable from thin glass fiber?

Why are the Olympics inseparable from thin glass fiber?


Why are the Olympics inseparable from glass fiber?

The Tokyo Olympic Games, postponed a year after COVID-21, finally opened on July 23, 2021. It is reported that the Tokyo Olympic Games implement the principle of "3R Olympic Games", adhere to the concept of volume reduction (Reduce), reuse (Reuse), recycling (Recycle), which makes the attention of the Olympic world. Fiberglass was also used to use the Olympic construction. Below, let's take a look at the fiberglass designs used at the Olympics.

Glass Fiber + Olympic Stadium

The new home stadium of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the —— New National Arena, integrates stands, roof, lounge, and main arena and can accommodate at least 10,000 people. Although the venue materials are mainly steel, cement, and wood, there are still many infrastructures used in glass fiber products.


Tokyo New National Arena

Venue wall

The glass fiber mesh plays an important role in the wall construction of the new national arena because if the wall lacks the support of fiberglass, it is easy to peel off. The production personnel impregnated the fiberglass into the resin, and after curing, the external wall materials were affixed to prevent the wall from peeling off and increase the service life of the wall.

Air Fan

According to Kuma, architect of the New National Arena, no air conditioning was installed, but 185 high-powered fans were installed to increase ventilation of the venue and help low-carbon cooling. Among them, the fan blade of the fan uses high-strength wind power yarn, plays a reinforcement role.

Fiberglass + Olympic Village

Olympic Village is located in the Qinghai coastal area of Tokyo, Japan, with three areas: "residential area", "operation area" and "Olympic Village Square". The "residential area" consists of 2114 to 18-story buildings that can accommodate up to 18,000 people.


Tokyo Olympic Village

Home appliances

Because of the epidemic, the number of TV viewers increased as the demand for TV increased. Among them, electronic cloth is used in TV, refrigerator, and other home appliance products PCB board is widely used. Due to the strong insulation, thermal resistance, and corrosion resistance of glass fiber, the semiconductors and chips in home appliances products can operate stably.


                                                                                                                                                    A PCB board for home appliances

Shower facilities, the Tokyo Olympic Village dormitory toilet is equipped with a complete set of shower facilities. SMC products are used in the bathtub to enhance the strength of the bath, SMC glass fiber is basically used as a reinforcing material, to achieve the excellent effect of waterproof reinforcement.



                                                                                                                                                               SMC sanitary ware

Roof waterproofing system

The Olympic Village roof has waterproof facilities, which also have asphalt sand, and fiberglass. Compared with the traditional tiles and sloping roof drainage system, the waterproof system laid with glass fiber composite material greatly reduces the weight of the roof, reduces the burden of the lower building, and makes the roof more solid and durable.

Fiber-optic and optical cable

Communication facilities, as new infrastructure, play an important role in the daily life of the athletes. Fiber is not fiber to strengthen the core yarn and electronic insulation yarn figure. The addition of fiberglass will strengthen the insulation and mechanical properties of fiber while ensuring the service life and strength of the facility.


                                                                                                                                                          Fiber-optic and optical cable

Glass fiber + sports equipment

Fiberglass is also widely used in sports equipment. In the exhibition hall of the company, Xiaobian also found a lot of sports equipment made of glass fiber composite materials. Let's have a lookout.

Hull hull

Fiberglass can be used in the kayak hull, paddle, and other parts, which can enhance the hardness and stability, reduce the weight of the hull, and are more widely used in training boats.





Helmets serve to protect the heads of athletes, especially in sports like cycling, baseball. In a helmet are pieces made of at least 7-8 layers of direct yarn fabric to stabilize the helmet structure, enhance the helmet's collision resistance, and ensure the safety of athletes.






A small racket, also contains a lot of knowledge, especially table tennis, badminton and other events, the racket is essential. At the material level, the fiberglass strengthens the racket performance, enhances the plate surface rigidity and strength on the racket.


                                                                                                                            Badminton racket

 Other equipment

Fiberglass is also widely used in tennis, baseball, hockey, sailing, skateboarding, and other sports equipment play a role in strengthening, improving the performance of the equipment.


Acting as a high strength alternative to the non-metallic material, glass fiber has become an indispensable new material in production and life. The Olympic Games have brought broad space for development to the glass fiber composite industry. In the future, China Rock will continue to improve the independent research and development and innovation ability of glass fiber materials, take the initiative to seize the market opportunities, provide high-quality materials for infrastructure and sports equipment, actively build a world brand, provide new solutions for high-end composite materials, and make life better!

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