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Special Performance Of Glass Fiber Filter Paper Cotton

Special Performance Of Glass Fiber Filter Paper Cotton


Special Performance of Glass Fiber Filter Cotton


Now all kinds of glass fiber filter cotton products in the use of filter equipment is essential, especially in the high-definition clean room. And today we want to introduce you is a very widely used product-glass fiber filter cotton, let's see its special features.

I. High fracture resistance

High tensile fracture strength is a major feature of the product, so when we plan the equipment, we can basically do not think about the tensile fracture strength requirements of the filter material, and save a lot of planning effort.

II. Good stability

Glass fiber has a shortening rate of 0 at 280℃, which is much more stable than other synthetic fiber filter media. Or because the shortening of the filter material makes it wrinkle, accelerate the breakage of the filter material and so on.

III. Good temperature resistance

The glass fiber can be used for a long time under the condition of 260℃(medium alkali)-280℃(no alkali), and the maximum operating temperature can reach 350℃. The temperature resistance function of the filter material plays a decisive role in the operation and cost of the equipment. The overall advantages are as follows:

1. saves the cooling cost of installing the dedusting equipment and reduces the cost of investment;

2. reduce the amount of cool air incorporation, so that the treatment of equipment air volume has been effectively controlled;

3. reduces the risk of equipment condensation, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and is very helpful for it to always be in an efficient operation state;

4. energy saving and emission reduction, the effective cooling of gas can not only save its own power, but also effectively reduce the incineration calorific value of gas.

. Good folding resistance

Although the folding function of glass fiber is poor, we can improve the folding resistance by controlling the diameter of the fiber and using the external chemical treatment. The diameter of glass fiber has a great influence on the folding resistance, so we can improve it properly.

V. Strong corrosion resistance

The filter material of glass fiber must be treated by external chemical treatment before it is used. It is completely meaningless to use the glass fiber without treatment as the filter material, and its function of chemical corrosion resistance is also well known.

Glass fiber filter cotton with these five functions is indeed an essential equipment in our days. It can play an excellent purification role in high-function filters, and before we use these devices, It is also necessary to have a clear understanding of their functions.


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