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New Popular Fiberglass Wall Covering Mat Product For Interior Decoration

New Popular Fiberglass Wall Covering Mat Product For Interior Decoration


According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, retail sales of consumer goods rose 33.8 percent in January ~ February 2021, up 6.4 percent from January and February 2019, with retail sales of construction and decoration materials reaching 22.1 billion yuan, up 52.8 percent from the same period last year. It can be seen that consumer investment in the field of architectural decoration is increasing, which is closely related to the increasing awareness of environmental protection and consumption concept. In addition to the necessary visual beauty, the safety and environmental protection of building and decoration materials have gradually become the first determinant of users. 

Fiberglass wall covering mat is a new type of high-grade wall decoration material which can take environmental protection and aesthetic performance as one.

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I. What is fiberglass wall covering mat?

Fiberglass wall covering mat is made of woven fabric with fixed length glass fiber yarn or glass fiber deformed yarn, which is treated by surface coating. It is used for decoration and decoration of building interior wall and belongs to inorganic decorative material.


II. Experience Of The Performance Of Fiberglass Wall Covering Mat

Because fiberglass wall covering mat has the advantage performance and the function which the traditional decoration material can not compare, has the good economic benefit and the technical benefit, along with the national to the public place fire prevention grade request unceasingly enhancement, the energy saving and emission reduction policy further tightens, Glass fiber wall cloth application field further expands.


Advantages of fiberglass wall covering mat:

(1) Good fire resistance: fire resistance up to A levels;

(2) Good safety: non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly;

(3) Good water resistance: a nature that is not connected with water;

(4) Good air permeability, anti-mildew: the wall that can breathe freely, also can prevent mildew;

(5) Good coverage, high strength: strong wall coverage, can effectively repair new and old wall defects, but also effective anti-cracking;

(6) Anti-corrosive: longer than traditional wall cloth;

(7) Can be painted many times: to meet the changing needs of home fashion decoration, free creativity, while reducing the cost of high-grade decoration;

(8) Beauty: a wide variety of patterns, to give more mechanism and shape of the wall, and overcome the traditional latex paint lack of texture and monotonous shortcomings.


III. Fiberglass Wall Covering Mat Standards

Based on experts from Nanjing Glass Fiber Research and Design Institute, the technical team drafted the Chinese building materials industry standard JC/T 996-2006glass fiber wall cloth, which clearly stipulates the physical and chemical properties of the wall cloth, such as appearance quality, combustible content, tensile fracture strength, limit of soluble harmful substances (barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, antimony) and so on. In order to ensure the glass fiber wall cloth decoration beautiful, but also for the use of the environment escort.


IV. Application Cases Of  Fiberglass Wall Covering Mat


fiberglass wall covering mat

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