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Fiber-metal laminate suitable for electric vehicle applications

Fiber-metal laminate suitable for electric vehicle applications


Fiber-metal laminate suitable for electric vehicle applications  


Israel Manna Laminates has introduced its new organic sheet FEATURE(flame retardant, electromagnetic shielding, aesthetic and sound insulation, thermal conductivity, lightweight, strong, and economical) FML(fiber-metal laminate) semi-finished raw material, a laminate that integrates metal sheets that can be placed outside the laminate or between the reinforced fabric layer (usually fiberglass or carbon fiber).

FML(fiber-metal laminate) raw material

Fiber-metal laminate suitable for electric vehicle applications

FEATURE FLM is part of Manna Laminates' Formtex Continuous Fiber Enhanced Thermoplastic (CFT) product line made of advanced woven fabric organic sheets or paved one-way bands. According to the company, these laminate can be customized according to components or industry requirements, thus becoming an ideal material for quasi-isotropic carrying mixed components. It is said to be an innovative and affordable material with superior quality and performance.

FEATURE organic board semi-finished raw materials are also considered ideal for electric vehicle battery housing, can be used in the upper and lower parts of the battery shell, but also for electrical boxes, these applications put forward high requirements for electromagnetic shielding, flame retardant (meet UL-94 standards), thermal conductivity, high energy absorption, durability, and lightweight. FEATURE materials can also be used for typical body components such as beams, longitudinal beams, wheel supports, and other components.

Furthermore, the metal foil can also be integrated into the laminate during the manufacture of the organic plate. Instead, using other organic plate fabrication processes, to incorporate the metal foil into the plastic substrate, this step must be completed during the second lamination process.

Manna Laminates' FEATURE lamina can be thermoformed in an injection or molded die, compared to the method of forming the organic plate and foil separately before final assembly, which ensures only one component and one molding process, which is also suitable for complex shapes.

Using its innovative impregnation and consolidation process, Manna can make a 10 mm one-step laminate with thick mechanical properties and superior stratification resistance.

Manufacturing FEATURE organic plate materials that can use a wide range of fiber/resin combinations and have a variety of product forms. Suitable fiber materials include alkali-free glass fiber and carbon fiber, and resin materials include PP, PA6, HDPE, LDPE, and PC, etc.

Source: Fiberglass Intelligence Network

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