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Can fibreglass strands be installed easily?
Follow the instructions and you will find that installing fibreglass strands is not too difficult. If you have any questions, please let us help you. Our company provides professional after-sales support to smoothly start and run products continuously. The continuous service of our experts ensures that your products have a satisfying experience. We provide you with the most experienced support.
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As a mature and reliable manufacturer, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd. have accumulated years of experience in the manufacturing of non woven fiberglass mat. The pipe wrapping is one of the main products of EFG Fiberglass Materials. It has a fine hardness. It has good cracking proof capacity and is not easy to deform due to the cold stamping process during production. Generally, it is the first choice for the field of capital construction。 The product has a low environmental impact through its entire lifecycle. It does not produce any radioactive substance that will do harm to both people and the environment. It is widely exported to the Middle East, North Africa, America, etc.
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Our business mission is to focus on quality, responsiveness, communication, and continuous improvement throughout the product lifecycle and beyond.

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